Code of Conduct

Behavior Expectations


The following guidelines are not intended to restrict individual freedoms, but to enforce the right of every student to obtain a good education in an Islamic environment.

Equity, consistency, and firmness will exist for all students, insha’Allah. No student shall be denied the right to express his/her opinion in any given situation.


Student’s Responsibilities

Students are expected to:

  • Think, talk and act in an ISLAMIC MANNER
  • Accept responsibility for their own behavior.
  • Have a positive attitude toward learning.
  • Attend class regularly. Have appropriate materials in class.
  • Arrive at school prepared to learn (sufficient sleep, nutritious breakfast), etc.
  • Participate in class discussions and activities.
  • Speak clearly when called upon. Follow directions. Keep desk and materials clean and orderly.
  • Raise hand for permission before speaking.
  • Recognize and respect the rights of others: Individual rights (privacy, property, right to education, etc.).
  • Assist in communication between school and home. Help develop a sense of community within the school.
  • Teacher’s Responsibilities
  • Seek out and utilize alternative learning activities within the classroom.
  • Learn and utilize alternative techniques in dealing with behavior within the classroom.
  • Confer with parents making certain that problems and alternatives are presented in layman’s language.
  • Inform and involve an administrator when appropriate.
  • Safeguard the rights of students from violated by other students.
  • Be aware of and enforce school rules inside and outside the classroom whether or not student is assigned to him/her.
  • Be aware of and follow AL-HUDA School’s policies and administrative regulations pertaining to discipline.
  • Be with the students for the full duration the specified class time: Not leaving the students unattended.
  • Parents’ Responsibilities
  • Being aware of and understanding school policies and regulations.
  • Helping promote in the student a positive attitude about school.
  • Helping the student to be self-disciplined in regard to attendance, having supplies, studying, and respecting the rights of others.
  • Becoming acquainted with student’s teacher and school.
  • Sharing relevant information about student with school personnel.
  • Becoming involved with school activities.
  • Helping in classrooms or assisting school personnel in activities when desirable or possible.
  • Conferring with teacher when desired or requested.
  • Taking student home or providing an alternative place when removal from school becomes necessary (a cooperative effort between parent and school).
  • Reporting to the principal and/or central administrative personnel in writing any incident not following school policy.
  • Classification of Common Rules

Prayer Room (Musallah) Rules

  • Sit properly in the Musallah.
  • Keep quiet, respect the Musallah and Salaat.
  • Move in an orderly manner to and from Musallah with your teacher.
  • Always move quietly in the Musallah.
  • Classroom Rules
  • Listen to teacher and/or other students without interruption.
  • Follow directions.
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself and keep feet off of school furniture.
  • Stay in place and do not slouch in desk.
  • Lunch-room Rules
  • Walk slowly and orderly into and out of cafeteria.
  • Line-up in an orderly and quiet fashion in the serving line.
  • Clean up your area before leaving the eating area.
  • Eat only in lunch-room or assigned area.
  • Keep food off of the floor.
  • Stay at one table until you are finished eating.
  • Talk quietly and only with those students at your table.
  • Return to class with your teacher when the recess is over.
  • Bathroom Rules
  • Clean toilet seat and wash hands after use.
  • Boys are to sit, not stand, to urinate (Sunnah).
  • Clean private parts with water after toilet use (Sunnah).
  • Finish your business in the bathroom quickly without socializing and playing.
  • School Property Rules
  • Keep all school furniture and property free from damage.
  • Keep all school furniture and property free of graffiti.
  • Keep hands off of fire alarms
  • Keep school grounds clean and clear of all personal belongings, and/or garbage.