Academic Information

Academic Information


Homework consists of school-related projects or assignments, which are completed outside the regular school day. Both the time and the nature of the homework will vary according to factors such as age, grade, special needs of the individual student, and the units of study being emphasized in the classroom. We invite parents to help their child complete his or her home work in the best way possible.

Tests and Quizzes

Tests and quizzes are given throughout each grading period to assess the students’ learning.

Grading Teachers must adopt very clear criteria for student evaluation. The criteria are to be clearly defined and outlined to the students. The following areas are graded: Homework, discipline, class participation, scheduled quizzes, pop quizzes, and quarterly exams.

Parent/School Communication

Make the Commitment

Parents of students at AL-HUDA SCHOOL shall adhere to the following commitment for the betterment of their children: With Allah as your witness,

  • Make the commitment to try to raise your child as a Muslim child;
  • Make the commitment to remind your child to pray 5 times daily;
  • Make the commitment to try to pray with your child at least once per day;
  • Make the commitment to encourage your child to observe an Islamic dress-code inside and outside of school;
  • Make the commitment to actively support the school, its policies, and its activities;
  • Make the commitment to be aware of your child’s assignments on regular basis;
  • Make the commitment to require the development of your child’s Islamic character: no lying, no disrespect to others, any mocking, etc.;
  • Make the commitment to understand and develop in your child respect for others and for him/herself;
  • Make the commitment to emphasize to your child the necessity to come to school clean, in clean clothes, with short and clean finger nails, with brushed, well-kempt hair;
  • Make the commitment to encourage your child not to slouch, not to sit with one leg on the other, not to talk back to teachers or each other, to always face the front of the class, not to deface property, and to keep the school clean.
  • Communication with teachers
  • Teachers at AL-HUDA SCHOOL will regularly contact their students’ respective parents in order to assist in understanding and resolving educational or behavioral issues.
  • Teacher will be available to meet with the parents every after school time.
  • Agenda Folder

Teachers at Elementary grade levels are to send home weekly assignments/behavior reports on each student for parent signature.

Report Cards

Report Cards are sent home to all students at the end of each grading term.


Any issues, which come up between a student/teacher and a staff-member, should first be addressed with the involved staff-member, before any further steps are taken. In nine times out of ten, the problem can be resolved without proceeding further. Any comments/complaints, which cannot be resolved directly, should be made in writing and given to the secretary. The secretary will make a copy to keep on file and will give original either to the Principal or respective administrator, as deemed appropriate. If a comment/complaint is of a confidential nature, the person making said comment/complaint should submit to the Principal or Administrator directly. All comments/complaints should be accompanied by suggestions whenever possible. It should not be assumed that verbal comments, complaints, or suggestions would be retained and/or recalled by member(s) of administrative staff. Everything should be in writing. The wisdom of the Quran and Sunnah must always be the guide.

Special Programs


Dhuhr Salaat will be performed in a group, Jamaa; where all students will be supervised to attend and fulfill this duty.

Ramadan and Iftar Activities

Ramadan is a sacred occasion for Muslims. Muslims strengthen their relationship with Allah by increased worship. Lunch will not be on sale during this month. However, young students are asked to bring their own lunch from home. Parents will be informed of any activity or if the school timing will change during this month.