Academic Process

Enrollment Procedure for school year

Students have to fill the registration form and pay the appropriate fees as detailed in the registration form and agree to abide by the school code of conduct.

Academic Evaluation

Students will undergo academic evaluation for appropriate grade-level curriculum. Assistant teacher will be in the classroom, on a full time basis, to help the main teacher managing the expected difference in language proficiency within the same class.

Volunteer Services

In order to have greater involvement from the families, we encourage each family to perform one day volunteer service for the school. Any person wishing to offer his/her time and/or services is invited to contact the administration.

Dress Code

As an Islamic school we encourage all our students and staff to observe the Islamic code of dress.

Girls Grades 7-12:

No make-up or perfume is allowed. Earrings and maximum of one ring per hand will be allowed. Hair, neck and ears must be covered at all times, socks must be worn, and sleeves may not be rolled up. tight clothes are not allowed.


Boys must keep their pants pulled up and use a belt if necessary. Pants are not to be dragging on the ground. Undershirts are to be tucked in at all times. Boys may not wear any jewelry except one ring per hand.

All Students:

All students are expected to be well groomed and clean; fingernails and hair must be kept short and clean.


Students should only be absent from school in case of illness, unusual family difficulties, or emergencies. Students are expected to attend classes regularly, so that they may reap the optimal benefit. The interaction and instruction that take place in the classroom are equally as valuable as written assignments. In case of absence, parents should send a signed written note with their children for next week class stating the reason of absence. Make-up assignments should be obtained from other students in the class during the week and submitted at the same time as other students. Please note Peel District School Board has their own regulation of the number of the absences permitted for the weekend school.

Drop off and Pick-up location and time

  • Temporary parking is not allowed at the main entrance.
  • Students should be dropped at the main school entrance 15 minutes prior to the starting of the classes.
  • Students should be picked up at the main entrance immediately at the end of the school day.
  • Elementary students who have not been picked on time, are escorted to a classroom for after-school care. The cost for the after school care is $1 for every 5 minutes per family. This fee will only be waived in case of emergency.
  • For early pick-up, the parent is required to go through the Al-Huda school administration, before his / her child could be dismissed from the class.
  • Parents are not allowed to communicate with the teachers during the class time.
  • Lunch Break

Our policy is to encourage and provide healthy food. Pizza, snacks, and drinks will be available for sale. Parents are encouraged to provide their children with the money they need in case they do not bring their own lunch.


Pizza: $1.00 Snack Bars: $0.50
Juice: $0.50 Drink Bottle: $1.00 – $1.50

School Visitors

Visitors are welcome to visit during school hours. However, they must check in at the school office and obtain a visitor’s nametag.

Young children are not permitted to visit classrooms with their parents, but certainly may join their brother or sister during lunch WITH a parent. Please remember: When young children not attending the school accompany parents into the school, they must be under close supervision at all times.

Weather or Other Emergencies

In case of weather emergencies, students may be dismissed early if deemed necessary. Phone calls will be made to the parents using the Parent Calling Lists. In the case of snow storms, parents should stay tuned to local news stations or to check our web site for latest news on school cancellation.

Change of Address or Phone

The school must be notified of any changes in address or phone number so that (if necessary) parents may be contacted quickly.