Why an Islamic school?

Why an Islamic School?

O ALLAH, give us the good in this world and the good in the next world!

As Muslims, we are obligated to prepare our children to live an Islamic life, respecting and abiding by the principles of Quran and Sunnah. Living in a non-Muslim environment complicates our efforts. The need for an Islamic school emerges as a survival tool for all Muslim children, in a Muslim or non-Muslim country.

The Islamic school is an extension of the parents’ efforts to instill Islamic practice/values into an impressionable and formidable mind. It is the wholesome environment of Islam that promotes brotherhood, consciousness of ALLAH, a conviction to Islam, religious identity and an acceptable atmosphere to practice the Deen.

The child is given Islam across the curriculum, to produce intelligence with ALLAHs laws as a basis for thinking and learning. A Muslim child without an Islamic education has little or no resistance to Shaitan. An Islamic school aims at providing all the essentials to promote the good in this life and strives to secure the good in the next life, insha’Allah. We pray that you understand and appreciate this golden opportunity and strive wholeheartedly to support this effort