Principal’s Message

Assalamu Alaikum,

I would like to welcome you all, students and parents at Al-Huda School. My primary focus is to promote a high standard of education for the Arabic langugage and Islamic studies. Through our sincere and concerted effort our goal will, inshallah, be achieved. May Allah help all those who work hard to achieve success in this life and in the hereafter.

In the past years of operation, the AL-HUDA SCHOOL has established a high standard of educational services to its students and their families. My commitment is to maintain this high standard while looking forward to achieve an even higher level of success. This handbook is intended to serve as a guideline to students and parent in achieving a successful school year. It is very important to read the rules and regulations carefully as the school administration will be very strict in making sure they are observed. We hope that this year will be one filled with learning, growing, and fulfillment of goals. We hope and pray that the year will be one that you can look back on, years from now, with fondness. We ask that you assist us in maintaining and improving our fine project, so that we will continue to be known not only for our academic achievements, but also for our adherence to Islamic Principles of correctness and discipline. Strive with us, learn with us, smile with us, and be patient as we continue to grow together.

I trust you will help us in providing you with a strong foundation for your future.

Wassalamu Alaikum

Br. Abdullatif Bakbak
Exec. Director, Al-Huda Schools